Elk Creek Grade consists of two switchbacks climbing the south side of Elk Creek 3 miles south of Elk. Famous for getting large trucks and other vehicles stuck because of it's 24% grade in a sharp switchback curve, this curve caught a 9000 gallon fully loaded propane tanker. Jackknifed in the middle of the curve at night, the truck was stuck and the driver understandably scared. Steep slopes leading down to Elk Creek line the road.

Complicating the recovery of the truck is that it also blocks potential towing vehicles from coming from the north necessitating a long trip out to Boonville and over Mountain View road to the south. A 5 ton 6x6 ex-Air Force truck stationed at Elk Fire Station 714 was pressed into service and was used to pull the tanker up the grade. Strategically placed south of the grade, this truck has pulled vehicles up this curve before. The sight of this tanker stuck with it's 50,000 pounds of pressurized fuel on board was a sobering sight to all of us on the call.