Elk Community Services District

55 Square Miles on the Mendocino County Coast

Formed in 1990 by voters in the district and the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), the Elk Community Services District (ECSD) adjoins similar districts for Albion-Little River, Anderson Valley, Redwood Coast (Manchester and Point Arena), as well as a 10 mile stretch of Highway 128 that isn't in any district. The ECSD is typified by highly scenic California coastline prized by tourists year round as well as serene redwood forests owned by parks, logging companies, and private individuals. The ECSD represents taxpayer funds in order to help finance the Elk Volunteer Fire Department (EVFD) which provides the operational services for fire, medical and other emergency 911 calls in the district. The ECSD comprises 55 square miles with a permanent population of about 350 consisting of 3 main roads (State Highway 1, Philo-Greenwood Road, and Cameron Road) and approximately 14 miles of scenic california coastline. The EVFD averages around 60 calls of all types annually consisting mainly of medical aids, fires, and vehicle accidents. Additional calls are fielded to other districts in Mendocino County and California via the mutual aid system.

The EVFD deploys 7 engines, 1 Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance, and a breather refilling trailer in 4 stations strategically placed throughout the district and shown on the map below. The engines are a mixture of city, wildfire, and rescue types intended to cover the call distribution. Mendocino County uses a 4 digit numbering system to identify fire units. Elk units start with the number 71 with stations having 3 digits where personel and units have 4 digits.

Station 711, our main station located in Elk, comprises 5 equipment bays, a storage room, and an office. Originally basically a 2 unit garage, the station has become connected to the Greenwood Community Center and grown to it's present size.
7190 - This 2003 Freightliner truck with the fire build up done by Midwest Fire is the classiest and most expensive truck ever operated by the EVFD. Holding 1500 gal. of water, it is a Pumper/Tanker well suited to it's station in the town of Elk. It features a portable water tank and equipment bays. It is also the first truck operated by the EVFD that has a crew cab.
7180 - This 1965 International Harvester Type 1 engine with a fire build up done by Van Pelt provides the primary structure fire pumping capacity for the Elk area. It contains 750 gallons or water and can pump at 1000 gallons per minute. Few water sources can support this flow rate for long in the ECSD. This engine is backed up by the water tankers listed here.
7130 - This 1991 International Harvester truck with a fire buildup done by Elk resident Don Daniels using a used American LaFrance rear section is used for rescue operations in the ECSD. It contains a 200 gal. water tank, cliff rescue gear, auto extrication equipment, and general utility equipment. This was the first diesel truck in the EVFD.
7125 - This 1997 Ford ambulance was purchased used from the Lone Pine Fire Department. The Elk Ambulance is the oldest ambulance service in this stretch of the California coast formed mainly due to the 40 minute drive time to paid ambulance services to the north and south. This BLS unit responds to calls in and outside the ECSD.
7155 - This cylinder based Self Contained Breathing Apparatus refilling trailer was donated to the EVFD by Mendocino Fire. Containing 5 high pressure cylinders, it not only represents a valuable asset on fires but saves coutless hours refilling breathing units on a routine basis.
Station 712, covers the east portion of the ECSD. Built on a small parcel donated by Mendocino Redwoods Company, it has space for 2 engines. Intended to be a deeper building, an easement on the parcel by PG&E limited its size.
Station 713, covers the northern portion of the ECSD. Space for the engine in this barn is donated by former Elk Fire Assistant Chief Rusty Gates. An engine and station in this area was originally arranged and funded by the North Greenwood Community Association before the formation of the ECSD.
Station 714, covers the southern portion of the ECSD. Space for the engine in this dairy style barn is donated by local resident Bruce Raabe. The last station to be added, obtaining a location for this engine was a long term project for the ECSD.
7161 - This 2007 Chevrolet Kodiak 5500 is intended to function as a wildland unit in the timber rich area of Station 712. Also used as a strike team engine it's fire outfitting was performed by National Fire in Oregon. It carries 500 gal. of water and pumps from 2 powered hose reels and a 1.5 inch fitting on the rear. It's large comfortable cab is ideal for long trips.
7191 - This 1971 Chevrolet serves as a tanker for the east end of the ECSD. Custom built by Elk resident Don Daniels, the truck carries 1200 gal. of water and functions as a pumper as well. Being one of the last gasoline powered engines and the age of it's tank have slated this engine for replacement in coming years.
7131 - This 1999 Ford was bought new as a pick up truck with tool boxes and fire outfitted by volunteers from the EVFD. This 4WD F-350 carries 200 gallons of water and is outfitted with a broad range of equipment intended for it's location. Its small size is ideal for troublesome driveways and roads located in this area.
7160 - Intended to be a twin engine for 7161, this 2005 Chevy Kodiac 4500 was fire outfitted by National Fire in Oregon. The previous 7160 blew it's engine in the Lighting Complex Fires in June of 2008 and was not fixed because of it's age. This 4WD wildland engine carries 500 gal. of water, has one 1.5 inch and one powered reel output.
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